Supported Platforms

Midas Explorer was created for NinjaTrader 7, which provides powerful trading and development environments. Many analysis platforms are too limited to support custom interactivity and the interpolation required for TopFinder. NinjaTrader allowed us to create a powerful point and click interface to improve technical analysis with MIDAS.


NinjaTrader is free for advanced charting, technical analysis, simulated trading and backtesting. MIDAS enthusiasts can apply our technical analysis tools and get started today without a platform fee!

To get started with Midas Explorer, download our MIDAS tools. If you're not already using NinjaTrader, you can download it for free to start using MIDAS:

Midas Explorer in Action

Midas Explorer tools in NinjaTrader, showing various S/R curves and accelerated trends with top/bottom finder (dotted lines):
See what you can do with MIDAS on NinjaTrader or MultiCharts!