Midas Extensions - New Tools for MIDAS Analysis

Midas Advanced includes new indicators for MIDAS analysis, which expand its capabilities beyond the traditional indicators. Although MIDAS S/R and TopFinder provide powerful trading signals, traders have recognized several limitations:
  • Price pullbacks do not always cleanly bouce off of the MIDAS curve, but slightly penetrate it or never quite reach it (porosity and suspension)
  • Price is sideways or range-bound, and traditional curves provide less insight
  • Price is trending up above standard curves, but not powerful enough for TopFinder
  • Price experiences a deeper pullback - it breaks through the S/R curve, but does not reverse trend.

The Midas Advanced package includes several additional indicators, which enhance the Midas Touch indicator and address the issues outlined above. The additional indicators include the following:
  • Calibrated Curves - when price does not interact with an S/R curve as expected, the curve can be repositioned to either side. With Midas Advanced, this is conveniently done with a slider that instantly repositions the curve to determine how it should best intersect price.
  • Displacement Channels - a valuable approach, especially for sideways markets, where MIDAS channel lines are projected above and below the standard curve. With Midas Advanced, channels are launched with a checkbox and moved to fit using a slider.
  • Standard Deviation Bands - a powerful tool in many market conitions, where bands are formed based on a standard deviation between price and the MIDAS curve. With Midas Advanced, bands are launched with a checkbox and adjusted using sliders.
  • Average Curves - when price enters into a deeper pullback, breaking through the standard S/R curve, an average curve will often capture the pullback. In Midas Advanced, an Average Curve can be launched from the S/R curve by clicking on a checkbox.
  • Delta Curves - when price enters a strong trend and moves away from the S/R curve, it can often be tracked with a Delta Curve. With Midas Advanced, a checkbox enables the Delta Curve to be launched against the primary curve.

Try Midas Advanced to see the next generation of MIDAS indicators.